We help you develop the communication skills you need, so you will succeed in reaching your goals!


  1. Clearer communications training, courses in presentation skills, note and tipsminute taking techniques or a mixture based on individual requirements.
  2. Intercultural communication – an exchange of dialogue across cultures. We look at, for example, who “they” are and who “we” are.
  3. Cultural Knowledge about China and Chinese society – Language courses and business etiquette.

You will work with and receive feedback from experts in their field – and others in the same situation as you, so that your message will be crystal clear – and your audience will remember your message.

You see how culture influences communication and we examine our cultural stereotypes. You get specific techniques and knowledge you can use straight away, to strengthen your communication – even across cultures.

You’ll get tips for good conversation topics and insights into Chinese self-perception and their perception of us. You can strengthen your ability to communicate with Chinese partners.

Our courses are characterised by professionalism, the ability to take an overview and being able to attack issues from different angles. We provide heavy academic knowledge, but presented in an easy and light manner – this knowledge can be used in many different contexts – and you can start using it straight away!

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